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Grooming and Al la Carte...

Kathy our groomer

Groomer: Kathy
We use all-natural Shampoos for all of our pup-clients, plus a Cream Rinse which will leave any coat soft and shiny! White & Dark coat brighteners and medicated shampoos available upon request.
Coat Maintenance: Gentle brush-out and comb through of the entire body. For short-haired dogs, this includes a brush-out of the undercoat (the hair you find all over your house!) to reduce shedding.
Blow Dry: A gentle warm air blow dry to dry your pet's coat.
Clip of Your Choice: Either breed standard (show quality) or pet-specific as discussed with the groomer.
Groin Clean: Hair between back legs, a sanitary clip to keep your pooch clean, so he or she can spend more time on the couch!
Paws Clean: Hair between pads of feet, this will keep your pooch from tracking dirt all over your house. Nails We trim 'em!
Ears Clean: Pluck ear canal and outer ear, to keep them clean and reduce the possibility of ear infections.

  • Matt Removal: $5 - $15
  • Ear Pluck: $10
  • Cat Nails: $17
  • Anal Glands: $20
  • Sanitary Cuts: $10 - $15

Our Happy Tails Professional Groomer Will Groom Your Cats!
Matted Cats: Whether long hair or short hair, purebred or domestic, cats get matted over time. While regular combing will help to prevent the mats, the best defense is a thorough degreasing bath and blow dry. This is where the Happy Tails professional groomers come in.
Cats are naturally oily. Their skin produces oil that spreads throughout the coat if given enough time. Some cats are greasier than others and some become greasier with time, especially if they have certain health issues.
Cats naturally shed. This is true regardless of coat length. In fact, short hair cats usually shed more than long hair breeds. As the hair sheds, the greasiness of the coat makes it gummy enough to cause some of the shedding hair to stick to the hair that is not shedding. This, in turn, creates a small tangle. Usually these small tangles are imperceptible to the eye and are hidden in the coat, making them easy to miss when petting or combing the cat.
With time, hair continues to shed under and around the tangle. Instead of falling away, it sticks to the existing tangle, making it bigger. At this point, it becomes a mat. Several mats can form at one time, in various places on a cat’s body. Eventually, if left to themselves, these mats will come together to create one giant mat or pelt. The pelt also begins to pull closer to the skin at this point. If too much time goes by before it is removed, the pelt will be so close to the skin that sores can develop underneath.